Naval Vessel Maintenance and Support

Forgacs Marine and Defence delivers comprehensive maintenance solutions for clients and specialises in offsite mechanical, fabrication and infrastructure maintenance support.

Our goal is to minimise downtime through effective utilisation of our network of fabrication and specialised heavy machining facilities. Forgacs Marine and Defence provides all services necessary for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for the maritime and defence sectors, including:

  • Specialist heavy machining
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Machinery overhaul
  • Emergency breakdowns
  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance (ship repair)
  • Fabrication
  • Preventative, shutdown and ongoing maintenance
  • Installations
  • Site services

Ship Construction for Export

Forgacs Marine and Defence offers ship construction for export. We have the knowledge and capability to deliver vessels in the following categories:

  • ferries,
  • fishing vessels,
  • landing craft and barges,
  • supply boats, tugs and work boats,
  • patrol boats, and
  • commercial and leisure craft.


Civil Works and Infrastructure

Forgacs is positioned to support asset disposal cycles for long serving vessels being de-commissioned and brought out of service or marine infrastructure requiring recycling. This is achieved by utilising our core expertise within the Forgacs maritime business unit and the Civmec civil infrastructure and oil & gas business unit.

Leveraging our locations and facilities Forgacs has the ability and experience to manage and support environmental disposal concerns and HSE management of personnel. 


Civil Works and Infrastructure

Forgacs Marine and Defence offers a full range of civil work services to the defence infrastructure sectors. 

We are at the forefront of creating innovative construction techniques, and have an extensive range of plant and equipment to ensure site efficiency.

Some examples of the services we offer are: 

  • detailed earthworks,
  • reinforcing steelwork,
  • formwork,
  • detailed civil works,
  • concrete placement,
  • structural foundations,
  • floor slabs & retaining walls,
  • suspended slab sections,
  • purpose built facilities,
  • backfill and compaction to final handover, and
  • traffic management.


Commercial Vessel Construction and Services

Forgacs Marine and Defence provides a complete suite of services including designing, building, surveying, operations and maintenance.

Supported by our highly experience workforce, our vessel construction is fabricated to our high-quality standards – ensuring our clients’ expectations are surpassed.

Forgacs specialises in both steel and aluminium fabrication and can deliver:

  • ferry terminals,
  • pier / jetty superstructures,
  • steel pipe piles,
  • specialised mechanical parts and gangways, and
  • dry docks, wharves and ports.


Naval and Module Construction

Forgacs Marine and Defence specialises in comprehensive modular construction solutions for the maritime and shipbuilding, and defence infrastructure sectors.

We own and operate two of Australia’s largest indoor modular construction facilities together with large state-of-the-art blast and paint facilities.

East and west coast port access enables Forgacs Marine Defence to undertake large-scale projects such as offshore modular construction and refurbishment.

Our promise to deliver flexibility, reduction of construction times, exemplary quality standards and reduced costs is guaranteed by our proven innovative project management and construction techniques.