White card is a common term in the Victoria construction scene. The term is used often but not always in a way that tells people what it means. For those not in the know, the question can arise as to what is a Multiskills Training for white card in Victoria? White card is the common term for a much longer title, “Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCWHS1001”. What this title means is that a person with a white card is certified to work construction. This requirement is not limited to Victoria, but all of Australia.

Anyone working on construction, whether it be regular construction labor, trade workers, site managers, surveyors, supervisors, and people who regularly enter construction zones but are not part of the construction company is required to have a white card. To receive such certification, it is required to pass a training course. The training course will cover the various law codes and safety guidelines of construction to ensure all prospective workers are thoroughly trained to handle the desired work as safely as possible. Topics covered at such courses include general safety, how to identify safety hazards, and how to report them. That is why white cards are so important in the construction business and also so prevalent.

Construction work can be dangerous. Heavy equipment, harmful chemicals, and harsh environments mean there is great potential for accidents and injury. By training all construction workers no matter their job on proper safety guidelines and reporting, the Australian government is making sure construction work is handled in a safe and professional manner. White cards are an easy way for outsiders to know that the work crew on any site is properly trained to do their work with safety in mind. Though the actual title is a lot longer, the sentiment is the same: a certified professional is on the job.