Pet insurance is really straight forward, you pay a monthly premium and in the event your pet needs medical care, your insurance will cover it. Of course it is never this simple; prices can differ based upon the breed, and in most cases there is a deductible to be paid. So many folks ask: Is pet insurance worth it?


Let us be clear, if you are going to have a pet, you want to be in a position to provide appropriate care for it. Preventing pet insurance is fine when you’ve got a”pet savings account” set up, but no pet ought to be put down because their owner did not budget properly.


Coverage can be incredibly confusing, we are talking about insurance after all. Coverage differs depending upon the strain; It should not surprise you that Bulldogs have respiratory problems or that Pugs have eye issues. If you choose a breed, look in their health history as it might save you thousands in medical bills.  We highly recommend visiting Iselect’s website for more information @


Annual check-ups and vaccinations aren’t covered by per insurance, nor is micro-chipping and teeth cleaning. Pre-existing conditions are almost never covered so if you are considering getting pet insurance, do it if your pet is at a young age and relatively healthy.


Everything is insurable for a price; even your pet lizard can be insured if you really wanted. For the purpose of this report, I will assume we are talking strictly about dogs and cats.


Pet insurance can be had for as low as $8 per month or as large as $100. Premiums increase for a variety of reasons including; what town you reside in, the medical history of the breed, and should you require illness coverage. Dental work is generally not included with pet insurance, but generally speaking, the higher the premium, the more protection you will receive.