Many vehicles and other equipment have a fuel tank for diesel which is leaking. This can be risky, since the leaking fuel can catch fire and fuel is also wasted. Hence the vehicle, equipment owners would like to find out how to repair a diesel fuel tank, so that they can repair the tank at the earliest. The tank repair technique depends to a large extent on the material of the fuel tank. Many of the fuel tanks made from plastic material, HDPE since it is light in weight, does not get corroded, and is inexpensive. In some cases the tank is made from metal and the repair method will be different.

For repairing a fuel tank made from HDPE, it is first necessary to gather all the materials and tools required. Plastic pieces will be required and the size of the plastic piece will depend on the size of the hole in the tank. For holes of size approximately 1 mm , a piece of size 1 cm will be adequate while for larger holes, bigger plastic pieces will be required which cover the entire hole. Additionally for melting the plastic, a heat gun, solder iron and hot knife will be required. For handling the heating plastic pieces and pressing them, a hot knife and tweezers are required.  For expert help you can reach out to Fuelfix & Tanks2Go fuel tank repairs.

It is important to drain all the diesel from the fuel tank, before starting the repair for safety purposes. The plastic piece is then melted by heating it with a heat gun. After this the area of tank with a hole is also heated to make it soft. The melted plastic piece is then placed on the hole to cover it and the entire area is heated so that the plastics mix with each other and cover the hole. The spoon may be used to spread the plastic over the entire area. After the entire area has been covered it should be allowed to cool. The area should be checked to ensure that the hole has been closed. For metal tanks the repair procedure will be similar, only a metal strip will be welded on the damaged area.