There are so many types of home intruder alarm systems in the market. Nowadays wireless alarm systems are getting popular. Because you don’t need any professional technician to install it.

But, without a professional technician, you may face some problems. Hence, you should always buy an alarm system with proper instructions.

To help you a general guideline is written below. You can follow these steps to install your home intruder alarm system.


How To Install A Home Intruder Alarm System


Step One – Unpack and Understand

The first step is to know your entire alarm kit. Some kits have multiple parts and sensors. If you have bought a wired system, then the company may have included some wires.

Wireless alarm systems have a base. All the sensors are connected to that base. So, you should know the functions of every part.


Step Two – Connect To Power and Wi-Fi

Now, you have to connect the entire alarm system’s base to your home’s Wi-Fi. If your system is hardwired, then you must connect your Wi-Fi with the help of a cable.

Then, you have to put batteries in the sensors. Your home intruder alarm system may have multiple sensors, like – motion detectors, window sensors, night vision cameras, etc. You must install batteries in these sensors.

In the case of the hardwired security system, you may have to install your sensors through a long power cable. Because all your sensors require power to run.


Step Three – Test and Mount

After completing the connections, you must test your system. If your system works fine, then you are ready to mount your sensors and security cameras.

Your alarm system comes with proper instructions. Before mounting the sensors, you should follow the instructions. This instruction will give you an idea about the range of the security system.

Now, you can install the sensors on the doors and windows. You can also install the motion detector inside your house. The motion detector should cover the entire room area. Hence, you can install it in a corner.


Step Four – Activate The Alarm

That’s it, your home intruder security system is installed. Now, you can connect your smartphone to the security system. Then, you can set up the system and you can activate it.


Australian homes are vulnerable to burglary. Millions of homes have been attacked by burglars in recent years. So, an intruder alarm system is a good choice for the Australian people.

If you live in Australia, then you can use an alarm system. It’s easy to install. The above steps will surely help you to install your home intruder alarm system.