The answer to the question above is yes, animal chiropractic works.

There are many skeptics of alternative animal care and animal chiropractic is not exempted from this. People believe that chiropractic care is only for humans and those who are licensed chiropractors should only treat humans. Others say that animal chiropractic cannot treat every animal ailment. While this is true, chiropractic care is gaining a more solid footing. There are now more and more veterinarians who are getting training and certification to practice chiropractic care, which is a holistic approach to treatment. Despite this, the debate continues especially since many have not really experienced its benefits. The growing use of chiropractic care especially in performance animals and increasing clinical data shows that it has great merit.


As in humans, the concept behind animal chiropractic is the misalignment of the vertebrae. Chiropractors believe that for animals to be healthy, the animal’s nervous system, the spine and spinal nerves, have to function correctly. This is why in chiropractic treatment, gentle mechanical impulses such as massage and tissue release techniques are done so that the spinal mobility and local spinal muscles will return to their normal function. Chiropractors usually do this manually but sometimes they use special mechanical devices. A chiropractor-trained veterinarian or an animal chiropractor may deliver the chiropractic treatment. Patients in a chiropractic clinic may include pets, racehorses, livestock, and zoo animals.


The best time to go to an animal chiropractor is when you have already brought your pet to a veterinarian and there are no results with vet interventions or surgery. The good thing with the best animal chiropractor in Melbourne is that it doesn’t use medications or surgery. Before doing anything on your pet, the chiropractor will evaluate your pet’s condition to gauge its overall health and health care needs. If you want to ensure the safest course of treatment and the best care, it is crucial that the animal chiropractor work hand-in-hand with your qualified veterinarian.


Improvements depend on the nature of your pet’s condition. Injuries in dogs can take days before the dog’s body can repair itself. When a horse is treated, there are immediate improvements. Chiropractors often advise owners on therapeutic exercises to keep their animals healthy.