Fiber beet is a conditioned beet that has a combination of alfalfa, speedi-beet, and oat fibre supplements such as calcium and biotin. It offers you all the benefits that speedi-beet has. It has a higher level of fibre that is very soluble and can be easily digested and helpful in releasing energy more slowly. Moreover, it features lower levels of sugars and starch.


Alfafa is well known for higher quality proteins that contain amino acids necessary for the toning and functioning of the muscles. On the other hand, the oat fibres offer a certain protein profile. You can feed your horse with this fibre-beet. Moreover, it is suitable to feed them when they are wet.


You can as well feed fibre-beet in larger components compared to speedi-beet. This makes it the best conditioning feed for your animals. Ideally, you can opt for fibrebeet whenever you need to control starch intake. Therefore, if your house does not perform any heavier work all you ever need is a balancer and fibrebeet for a well-balanced diet.




This is a nutritive beet pulp feed that soaks easily with no molasses added to it. It does not contain many sugars because it is 95% sugar-free. It is designed from British beet pulp. With the subjection to a patented cooking process, speedi-beet is one exclusive feed if you can compare it with horsebeet.


Since it lowers sugar and starch levels, it makes it suitable for laminitics. This extremely versatile feed can be fed to any kind of horse most especially overweight horses in smaller amounts. This is because it has several vitamins and mineral supplements. You can as well feed it in larger amounts to poor feed or malnourished horses for them to gain more weight or acquire more energy to perform their tasks. If you need assistance on how to look for fibrebeet or speedibeet, please visit our site.