In early 2016, Civmec ,a Singapore Exchange (SGX) listed company, acquired the Forgacs name, shipyard facilities and assets located in Newcastle, New South Wales.

Prior to this, Forgacs had a rich history with an exceptional reputation, providing shipbuilding services to some of the world’s leading OEMs, mining companies and the Royal Australian Navy.

In 1962, the Forgacs Group acquired Ullman Engineering.

Parallel to this Carrington Slipways (originally formed in 1957), which built 45 ships between 1957 and 1968, purchased the Newcastle shipyard. This was later sold to Australian Sublimate Corporate in the early 1990s.

The Forgacs Group acquired the Newcastle Floating Dock in 1987 and the Newcastle Shipyard in 1998, It was at this shipyard that several first fleet-class ferries were built along with HMAS Rushcutter and HMAS Shoalwater. which were built by Ramsay Fiberglass, a subsidiary company of Forgacs.

Now trading as Forgacs Marine and Defence, the company combines the credibility and history of Forgacs’ Newcastle shipbuilding facilities with the heavy engineering expertise and broad range of services offered by Civmec.

Our Timeline

2016 Forgacs

Civmec aquired Forgacs - Newcastle

Stephen Forgacs passed away leaving the company to his family

2009 Forgacs

Contract to build 30 hull blocks for the Hobart class destoryers for the Royal Navy

2002 Forgacs

Construction of hull modules for the ANZAC Frigates

1997 Forgacs

Stephen Forgacs purchased Carrington Slipways and renamed it Forgacs

Stephen Forgacs acuired Newcastle Floating Dock

1980 Forgacs

Carrington Slipways construct the HMAS Tobruk

1972 Forgacs

Carrington Slipways required larger premises and moved to Tomago

Stephen Forgacs acquired Ullman Engineering and worked as a machinist

John Laverick Snr opened Carrington Slipways at Carrington, NSW