If you want to do a job in Australia then, you are well aware of the white card training programme. You may have seen the white card reference many times. If you do not know what is white card then, you should go ahead with this article.

What is a white card?

The white card is an essential requirement for the workers of the construction site in Australia. So, if you want to pursue your career in the construction industry then, you should have a white card. Apart from this, you should also know that if you visit Australia for some time due to construction work and have a work visa, you need a white card. So, you can see that a white card is very much necessary to have if you want to work on a construction site in Australia. The white card is a very common name and it will help you to work safely on the construction site. If you have a white card then, it means you have completed the necessary construction training and education with a registered and valid organization within Australia. The white card is necessary for these people:


  • Supervisors
  • Construction labours
  • Site managers
  • Surveyors
  • The worker who does operation job on the construction site
  • Trades workers.



What is a white card training programme?


Now you know what is a white card. But you will have to know what is a white card training programme. It covers all safety needs of a worker on a construction site. It provides operational safety and protection in Australia. Construction working sites give you extra preference if you have completed the face-to-face training programme. They may not give preference to online programmes. They need the assurance that you can meet all requirements.



But what a white card training programme will teach you? It is very much necessary to know. You can learn about a lot of things in this training programme. You can learn about the site safety issues and the health of the working site.



At this type of course programme, you can get a chance to see a lot of videos and presentations. You can also take participate in all kinds of activities in a class. After the class schedule, you will have to give a test and assessment. You will have to pass this test to get a white card. Apart from this, you should have basic knowledge of the English language to follow the module of the course and pass the course successfully.



After completing the white card training programme, you can start your work on a construction site in Australia. You will get the registration of the safe work in Australia. If you cannot work for two years or so, even after that, your certificate will be valid for two years or more than that. Through this training programme, you can know the rules, regulations and legislative details of Australian working sites. It covers all types of workplace injury management and prevents workplace illness and accidents as well.



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