Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks on other websites. Link building is an important part of the SEO strategy because backlinks give your website credibility. Link building, or link earning, is a technique used by SEOs to earn backlinks to their websites. The aim is to achieve a high page rank while building trust with the search engines. Links are one of the strongest signals Google uses to determine a site’s relevancy.

Link building is the practice of creating relevant and authoritative content for others so they can link to your website. The backlinks you create should promote your website’s relevance and help establish your company as an industry leader. 

There are three steps to link building:

* Creating high-quality content

To know what is link building is the practice that involves creating high-quality content, placing it on a site that is popular and has a relationship with your target market, and then getting other sites to link to this content. With a focus on quality over quantity, this process is less about getting as many links as possible and more about creating great content that people will want to share.

* Promoting it 

Link building is using other sites on the internet to promote your website. In internet marketing, it’s an important part of the puzzle for getting your website to show up on page one of Google. The better your backlink profile, the more opportunities you have for Google to see your site, which means the more your page will show up in the search results.

* Engaging in conversation.

Link building can be achieved in several ways, but one of the easiest ways is by engaging in conversation. Follow their social media, blog, etc., and comment on their blog posts as well as their social media posts. This really helps build the relationship factor. Additionally, you can review guest posts on any blog and link to other pages on your website.