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We pride ourselves on our high quality standards, a level achieved through our work on some of Australia’s most complex fabrication and construction projects.

We believe this pride plays a big part in producing a quality product and our culture is based on achieving excellence. We also ensure our people are adequately trained and highly skilled.

Another key component of our quality lies in our in-house developed, web-based integrated business management, quality and tracking system – Civtrac. This system manages all aspects of project delivery including document control, project reporting and quality compliance and is a fully integrated system allowing for “live” project data to be recorded.

Civtrac is also used to provide our clients with the ability to monitor and improve the outcome of their project via a remote login where they have visibility on the project’s progress. We manage every aspect of the project life cycle with data captured throughout all phases of project delivery from fabrication through to on-site installation, providing our clients with:

  • Transparency across their entire project from material control to delivery and installation
  • Rigorous configuration management
  • Detailed collection and retention of Objective Quality Evidence (OQE) to provide our cliets with assurance of the heritage of every item and piece of material used in production
  • Increased productivity through our multi-disciplinary service offering
  • The implementation of innovative, best practice solutions which utilise state-of-the-art technology and equipment

This information is easily collated and utilised for the benefit of the project. Civtrac also allows for weld and material traceability reports to be produced along with Manufacturers’ Data Reports, ensuring all elements of project quality deliverables are met.

We hold a certificate of accreditation to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.