infinity wall photography is a popular trend that is seen more often these days. They are not just trendy but they are art pieces that anyone would want in their home. It also makes a great backdrop for photos because of its simplicity and elegance. Most infinity wall on the other hand have the similar look with the same design on them, so why not try something new by making your very own infinity wall.


The first step in making an infinity wall is to decide on how big your space is and what kind of design you want for this DIY project. You may be asking yourself now ‘What do I need to make my own infinity wall?’ Well, here’s a list of supplies that you will need:


Cork tiles. The cork tiles should be around 10 to 12 inches in width and height depending on the space that you have and the design that you want for your wall. You may also need a thicker type of cork if you use fabric or paint because this will add weight on the wall and it needs to hold its own.

Drill and screwdriver. You will use these tools to attach the cork tiles on your wall so make sure you have it handy.


Framed mirror or any kind of mirror that has a frame for this part is not necessary if you want an un-framed infinity wall design. This is just needed if you want to add a mirror in the middle of your infinity wall design.


Velcro strips (optional). This is needed if you want some flexibility on where to put your framed mirrors on the infinity wall design. Velcro strips are handy because it will allow you to move things around easily, although they can be painted or stained to match the colors of your wall.


Wooden frames (optional). These are used to give shape to your infinity design like how it is done on an actual infinity wall. You don’t need these wooden frames if you want to leave some room for the cork tiles to overlap or if you will not use mirrors with your infinity wall design



It is important to consider these things before you start your project. Infinity wall photography are beautiful, elegant and attractive; but they can be quite pricey especially if you will buy one ready-made for your home. But if you like the look of infinity walls and want to save some cash why not try making your own infinity wall?