Many of us spend at least eight hours a night on our beds, so getting a good night’s sleep is important because it affects everything from our mood to our weight and overall health. Unfortunately, not everyone’s mattress provides the support and alignment our bodies require to get the full z’s. A mattress that’s too small, too firm, or too soft can not only lead to discomfort but can also be a breeding ground for illness.

Your mattress is a critically important piece of furniture in your home. From helping you get a good night’s sleep to be the centerpiece of your bedroom, the right mattress can make a world of difference in your life. But did you know your mattress could be causing you pain?

Many Australians spend up to 8 hours per night in bed. Most of us don’t even realize how much we spend in bed until we finally purchase a new mattress for ourselves. 

Here Are the Five Signs to Upgrade the Mattress

  • You are waking up tired
  • You are waking up with pains and soreness across your body
  • Your feet are hanging over the edge of the bed.
  • You notice that you react to allergens around your bed
  • The mattress starts to have an odd smell.

Many Australians have a habit of buying the best things – whether a phone, car or mattress! When shopping for mattresses, Australians don’t settle for anything short of the best; in fact, Australians are the most sleep-deprived people in the world.

When it comes to choosing a bed, Australians are very particular about the mattress type, with 55% of Australians preferring a pocket spring mattress. Other options include memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. The mattress you choose makes a big difference and can affect your quality of life and your health.

A new mattress is an important investment, and it shouldn’t be made lightly. It’s expensive, and it takes up a lot of room. So, how do you know when it’s time to replace your old mattress? If you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s more than 10 years old, you may be due for an upgrade. Or, if you wake up with sore muscles, or you find yourself waking up with a stiff back, it might be time for a new mattress. A quality mattress a king mattress will provide a better night’s sleep, and you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed.