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People and Training

“The greatest thing you can instil in a workforce is a pride in who they are, what they do and who they work for. At Forgacs Marine and Defence, our people are proud of the growth we have achieved together and are genuinely excited about our future.” – Mike Deeks, Managing Director

Forgacs Marine and Defence has grown and developed a highly skills and competent workforce capable of constructing, assembling, maintaining and services complex offshore and onshore modularised steel structures and civil construction works. Our recruitment strategy is to attract, develop and retain the right people; those with values that are aligned to ours.

Our success is attributed to applying the best ideas, people and technology in forming highly experienced project management teams and committed workforce who are engaged ad dedicated to the realisation of our core values and vision. We acknowledge that the development and professionalism of our people underpins our performance; they drive continuous improvement, deliver outcomes and continually pursue excellence.

We ensure the right people deliver the right projects, providing our clients with the best technical knowledge, industry experience and capability to drive high performance and exceed expectations.

We have made a commitment to stay at the forefront of our industry, providing our people with the right skills and training for today and a pathway for the future.

Forgacs Marine and Defence recognises the essential role training and professional development plays in enhancing the skills of the workforce, retaining a competitive edge and offering our clients competent and capable teams to meet their objectives.

Drawing on the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) status of our parent company, Forgacs Marine and Defence invests in our people to enhance their skills, to support their professional development and to enable them to reach their full potential.